Feed Your Soul

Have you ever feel ? ih, fb orang itu kok seneng banget share kebencian.
sometimes we find people use their social media not wisely.

In the last of 2016, we found negative content from the internet easily. Especially in Indonesia, from last september until now. Began Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama’s speech in Kepulauan Seribu, there is “missunderstood” meaning between what Mr. Ahok said and perspective from the others people.

Unexpectedly, netizen became judge. They claimed Mr. Ahok guilty and must punished immediately, in other side many people still stand beside him, they speak loudly Mr. Ahok is political victim.

Ironic, He is loved and hated at the same time.

 I don’t defy that who do you love or who do you hate, but, i think they (who pro and contra) have big problem how to use social media in right way. Too many not only hoax news but hate speech also spread in facebook, youtube, twitter.

They are not ‘healthy’ anymore.

Last night i read book “Mutiara bagi Raja” written by Hanna Carol, Simply message, in that part,  she said that like our body, our soul need feed, if body need food like rice, bread or others, feed of our soul is what we see, what we listen, and what we read.

What we eat influenced to our body. If we eat good food, our body become healthy. But if we eat worst food, it will give bad impact to our body. Similary with the body, our soul is too.

We are influeced by that what we see, listen and read. The more good content we have, the more good attitude we do.

So be wise, don’t you.

Our choice to determine what the feed we will eat.

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